How wahhabies deceive honest Muslims.

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15) Accusations of slander against sheikhs

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This one is a hybrid between playing victim, double standards and emotional blackmail.


The wahabi will gladly say [insert mujtahid name] made mistakes. Its not uncommon for COMMON wahabis to even say Abu Hanifa or Ash-Shafie or Al-Ghazaali or An-Nawawi made mistakes or blunders (almost all their “shuyukh” attribute mistakes/major mistakes to the mujtahid lighthouses of the ummah).


AND YET, when you point out MAJOR BLUNDERS in the works of nobodies like ibn taymiya, ibn abdul wahab, albani, ibn baz, uthaimeen, munajjid, etc. and if the wahabi has no come-back, you will hear howls to the effect of:


“They are major scholars with ijaza. They spent a lifetime in the service of deen. How much knowledge have you acquired? How much work have you done for the deen? In your entire life, you did not do one week’s worth of work these rijaal have done in the cause of Islam. Allah rewards a mujtahid who makes a mistake too. Scholars are not prophets. They can make mistakes and Allah forgives them. The flesh of the scholars is poisonous (implying you are slandering/backbiting)” etc.


On their own, some of those statements are true. But the wahabi has destructive intentions for using them.


One only needs to ask the wahabi, “So then why do you people say all those things about the mujtahid imams of the ummah?”


Besides, to be branded as a scholar of Islam, one has to be on the aqidah of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama3ah. We don’t consider the likes of albani as scholars, even though they might be forced to consider Al-Ghazaali as a scholar. Its similar to how neither of us (Sunnis or them) consider khomeini as a scholar. 




Written by Ahmad-Qadri

March 31, 2009 at 9:32 am

2 Responses

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  1. khomeni stated that Abu bakr and the like are in hell , maybe thats a good reason why we dont call him a scholar.


    September 16, 2009 at 5:13 pm

  2. Sure is! never said that scoundrel khomeini is a scholar.

    It is for similar reasons that we call heretic scum like albani and bin baz and uthaymeen and mental retards like ibn taymiya as non-scholars too.

    In case you are mentally challenged, the point is that JUST AS you (wahabis) AND us (Sunnis)

    BOTH consider people like khomeini as not scholars but rather as misguided filthy heretics and therefore do not consider it gheebah of scholars to call him for what he is worth, but rather preventing misguidance and warning against heretics


    we Sunnis do not consider it gheebah of scholars but rather preventing misguidance and warning against heretics when we call ibn taymiyya for what he is worth (a mental retard) and ibn abdul wahab for what he is worth (an apostate enemy of Islam and Muslims, may Allah give him what he deserves) and albani and bin baz and uthaymeen and munajjid and other clowns for what they are worth (evil fitnah-mongers, liars, and promoters of heresy and misguidance)

    Hope that makes it clear ex-sufi.


    September 16, 2009 at 7:02 pm

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