How wahhabies deceive honest Muslims.

The wahhabi mind games fact files.

3) Misrepresentations and outright denial

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They do this with religious texts, facts of history, statistical facts, etc. Although denial is quite a primitive method, the first two can work quite well for a wahabi unfortunately.


Classical example regarding misrepresentations: Their propagation of the concept that the only thing valid other than the Quran is Sahih ahadith.


Denial classical example: “There’s no such thing as wahabiism. We are Hanbalis and followers of Sahih ahadith.”


Misinterpreting, misrepresenting and denial hybrid, classical example: “najd is in Iraq” (they say this to avoid falling under the jurisdiction of the Sahih Bukhari hadith that says the devil’s horn shall rise from the najd… now of course if they took it literally, AND honestly, without misrepresenting and misinterpreting, they’d shoot themselves in the foot, or maybe horn! )

An EXCELLENT functional example (and somewhat sophisticated too) is shown in the comments section below.



Written by Ahmad-Qadri

March 31, 2009 at 9:22 am

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  1. Subhan Allah

    This catch by Sheikh Abu Adam is a gem and exposes this tactic of theirs in all its perverted glory.

    Abu Abdillah says: “Al-Khattaabee (d.388H) said: “The madhab of the Salaf with regard to the Attributes of Allaah is to affirm them as they are with their apparent (dhaahir) meaning, negating any resemblance to the creation and without asking how they are.”….”

    This is a perverted translation. The Arabic states “كان مذهب السلف فيها الإيمان بها ، وإجراءها على ظاهرها ونفي الكيفية عنها”
    Which means: “(كان مذهب السلف فيها) the way of the salaf in this (scripture texts that might make someone ignorant liken Allah to creation) (الإيمان بها) is to believe in them (the texts) (وإجراءها) and to pass them on (على ظاهرها) as they appear, (ونفي الكيفية عنها) and denying any modality from them.” Then he narrated from Az-Zuhriyy and Makĥuul that they said “امضوا الأحاديث على ما جاءت”, which means, “(امضوا) pass the (الأحاديث) hadiths on (على ما جاءت) as they came.” There is no mention of “apparent meaning” in any of these statements.

    Subĥaana Allaah, if the apparent meaning was meant, then why would the salaf make such a big deal out of it? If the apparent meaning was meant then they would not even have mentioned these ways of dealing with these types of scripture texts.

    Notice how the matter relayed to us by brother Abu Abdillah, as he saw mentioned in wahabi sources says “to affirm them as they are with their apparent (dhaahir) meaning”

    See the explanation above and see the subtle manipulative techniques of the wahabis.

    The Arabic “zdhaahiriha” is used in the sense of “as is” (ie without ascribing ANY meaning to it) and NOT in the sense of “apparent meaning”. This is evident by the fact that the same author uses the word “zdhaahiriha” in conjunction with “wa nafil kayfiyyati 3anha” which means “denying modality from them”.

    Notice how the wahabi has manipulated the interpretation of the text to suit his concept of “to affirm them as they are with their apparent (dhaahir) meaning, negating any resemblance to the creation”.

    One only needs to ask the wahabi:

    1) What are the “apparent meanings” (“dhaahir”) of the various attributes? Let’s say “yad”. What is the “apparent meaning” of “yad”?
    2) How can it be “apparent” AND also “negate resemblance to creation” at the same time? Working with the example, how does one explain the “apparent meaning of yad” while “negating resemblance to creation”

    Any wahabi is free to please define what exactly THEY mean by “apparent meaning” and “dhaahir”


    April 14, 2009 at 9:39 am

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