How wahhabies deceive honest Muslims.

The wahhabi mind games fact files.

7) Islamic-emotional blackmail

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Another wahabi classic and one of their most effective tools. This one sometimes even stumps the best of Sunnis. Mostly if you’re refuting them and doing a good job of it, you will be emotionally blackmailed by comments like:

“Why don’t you look at your own sins instead of saying I’m wrong in matter [x]?”


This one is enough to knock out an everday common Muslim, who is “average” in knowledge and practice by modern standards.


OR you will be confronted with “So are you saying the verses of the Quran and ahadith of the Prophet, sal’Allahu 3alaihi wa’sallam, and sayings of the scholars are rubbish too?” (wal 3eyadhu billah)


… if you are a reasonably knowledgable Sunni common person who has caught them out on misinterpretations and misrepresentations (number 3). You will be thrown that line the moment you say something like “[wahabi sheikh]’s book/lecture [title] is full of rubbish”. Its obvious since the wahabi is an honest to nafs literalist, he will interpret your comment to mean that every letter printed in the book or uttered by the person is rubbish, without seeing that you are calling his senior sheikh’s MESSAGE and the twisted interpretation of the subject as rubbish, not the verses and ahadith he has referenced, and some or all of – literally translated, quoted out of context, and misinterpreted and misrepresented or anything else.


This line even gets some of the best of people

“This is the way of the shias/qadianis/mutazila/christians/greek philosophers etc.”


OR “This is how [kafir/jahmis/mutazila/any otherdeviant sect] think/act”


The MAJOR problem with this line is that if you fall for it, they have successfully made room to administer any or all of the methods of deception listed above or below this one. Most innocent Muslims, ie corrupt aqida-wise innocent, regardless of how practicing or how sinful they are, ARE instinctively scared of Allah’s ghadhab and do worry about maintaining and safeguarding their faith, even if they might be drunks or gamblers etc. This is a blessing given by Allah. The minute they say something like this, any Muslim’s antennas go up and he is immediately thrown on the defensive to safeguard his faith.


This is a MAJOR psychological tactic against unwitting Muslims caught off guard.


The key thing to be noted here is very simple and basic.


Islam is not against the truth. It is against falsehood. We don’t adopt the thoughts/ways of the shias/christians/qadianis etc. because they are principally based on falsehood.


We have no problem with the truth, who ever says it.

The famous hadith of the Prophet, 3alahis salam, from Sahih Bukhari (something the wahabis can’t call daeef) regarding the Ayat al-Kursiy is testimonial to this. The Prophet has explicitly said regarding the cursed iblis himself, words to the effect of “he (iblis) spoke the truth and he is a liar”.


This is proof for us that we accept the truth and what is just and right, even though it may not come from a Muslim.


They use this argument a lot against kalam saying “this is the way of greek philosophers”. They should be reminded that the world had rational thinkers who thought rationally even before the greeks. It is an instinctive Allah-given blessing. The greeks did not invent rational thinking. That’s about the only thing relating to kalam that they can attribute to the greeks. The major portion of it is related to Quran, Sunnah and the Arabic language as used by the Quraysh. Besides, even if the greeks DID invent rational thinking, for arguments sake, it is only a tool and a methodology used to help us arrive at the right conclusions. It is not their belief system in and of itself.


It is equivalent to preaching Islam in a non-Arabic language. The language on its own, lets say Chinese, might have been developed by nonMuslims, but it is a tool we use to propagate Islam to the Chinese people. Its like using a gadget invented by the kuffar, like the radio, to listen to Quran recitation. Why don’t the wahabis stop using ALL the inventions of nonMuslims in religious applications. Technically, they shouldn’t even drive their car to the mosque.


Besides, the Prophet’s willingness to fast on the Ashura after enquiring from the jews why they did so, is another testimony to the fact that something that is good and acceptable in principle (in this case, thanking Allah for a blessing by fasting), can be adopted as long as one applies it in the realm of Islam and maintains his distinct identity separate from other peoples.


Gotta give the devil his due credit, this technique is a bomb when incorporated with any of the other techniques and only those who know what wahabiism truly is actually get it. 




Written by Ahmad-Qadri

March 31, 2009 at 9:25 am

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