How wahhabies deceive honest Muslims.

The wahhabi mind games fact files.

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As mentioned, this list is by no means exhaustive. Please definitely feel free to add more points or elaborate on those mentioned or present any anecdotes; and we will add them here under the supervision of the Sheikh.


As I mentioned earlier, the purity of their satanic thought process and evil genius is absolutely unmatched and simply can’t be underestimated. It gets worse when they concoct a hybrid method incorporating one or more of their strategies of deception listed above and that’s where our scholars and mujaddideen catch them.


The wahabi is not an easy creature to nab many a time, but Alhamdulillah, thumma Alhamdulillah, Allah has blessed the Ahlus Sunnah with scholars whose minds have always worked leagues sharper than the wahabis.


All of the above are related to twisting and manipulating the truth, and that is the central pillar of wahabism, the process which leads people to jahannam, except those saved by Allah. A lie is simply child’s play and easily caught out, not that they haven’t resorted to that either.


 To any wahabi reading this, you KNOW you have used one or all of these methods of deception at some point in time. Don’t kid yourself. You probably are also a victim too, of one or more of these methods of deception used by the senior wahabis.


To all those infatuated with wahabiism, the common people who call themselves wahabi without knowing what wahabiism entails, less knowledgeable Muslims who think its “cool” and “chick” to be labelled wahabi/salafi and dear innocent reverts:


Please, for your own sake, embrace some patience and the path of clear and unbiased thinking and seek the path of truth, and pray to Allah to undo the damage such destructive and deceptive methods and concepts have done to your Islamic thought process.


May Allah guide us all to the message of His Truth that His Beloved Prophet, sal’Allahu 3alaihi wa 3ala aalihi wa sahbihi wa’sallam, preached. Ameen, bi jaahi nabiyyihil kareem. 




Written by Ahmad-Qadri

March 31, 2009 at 9:35 am

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