How wahhabies deceive honest Muslims.

The wahhabi mind games fact files.

Introduction and background.

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This is not a cent-percent religious treatise, I am not an Islamic scholar in any way, shape or form; nor is this a scholarly or scientific discourse on psychology. In as much as is required contextually, it is a mixture of both the psychological aspects as well as the concerned religious aspects of deen that the wahabis use to administer their trickery, deception, fraud and debauchery towards innocent Muslims. 

It is my humble attempt to acquaint Sunni brothers and sisters with the various strategies and techniques of deception that wahabis use to invite them to the pits of hell. This is the stated aim of this summary of the various methods of intellectual deception and con-merchantry used by the wahabis. The list is by no means exhaustive as anyone who has had experience with these people is well aware of the sleaziness of their characters and the commendable purity of their satanic thought process and evil genius.


The aim is to focus purely on the (un)Islamic-psychological techniques – call it the wahabi usul or methodology, if you will – of their deceptive methodology – all in one place – without delving into hardcore examples and expositions, as then we are moving into the realm of refutations and not staying on the subject, which is not refutations per se, but rather an exposition of their methodology of deception.


The scholars of the ummah have filled libraries with refutations to their jahalah, and anyway, the owner of this blog, Sheikh Abu Adam, may Allah protect him, is already doing an excellent job of it.  However, in due time, their actual quotes will be dissected and the filth of their manipulative mind games will be exposed with examples, in the comments section on each topic.


With my limited knowledge, however, where required to elaborate the point, simple examples and analogies  are provided. Not to say, that the scholars of the ummah haven’t exposed the methodology of the tricks they play as well, in addition to refuting their heresies. This is a mere paraphrasing in layman terms, of what my betters have taught me and I have learnt from the wahabis personally.  Needless to say, may Allah protect Sheikh Abu Adam, I have learnt a lot from his website too.


You might find it amusing, or sad, or horrifying, or disgusting, or disgraceful or undignified or anything else that merits a negative description. At times of practical interaction with a wahabi, it may be one or all of these and maybe beyond that too.


The saddest and the most dangerous part of this satanic thought process and evil genius is that it is taught in a nafsanically appealing way, indirectly, instinctively and subconsciously – by their senior shayateen – and therefore, makes it easy to transmit it from their taghaaweet to one innocent and uninformed Muslim ; to another;  to another; to another – and so on, like a flu virus, and then, once the innocent and uninformed Muslim is infected, the disease spreads in the Muslim’s Islamic thought process, progressively like cancer. So it’s really a double whammy – a “viral cancer”, if you will.


Can you imagine a physical, bodily disease where a rapidly spreading cancer gets transmitted virally? There would be chaos and anarchy in the world to seek protection from such a deadly disease. How would you protect yourselves from such a dangerous disease? How will you protect your kids and loved ones? You’d trip over yourselves to seek protection against such a calamity.


Brothers and sisters, protecting your faith and Islamic thought process and that of your generations to come is more important than protecting your body, as that is what matters the most to attain eternal bliss. Allah saves those He Wills. We seek His Protection, Mercy and Cure against all bodily and spiritual calamities, bi’hurmati nabiyyihil kareem.


Without further ado, mentioned below, are what I think are the major techniques of deception employed by the wahabi taghaweet towards innocent Muslims who are less knowledgeable or just simple minded people who don’t think satanically and therefore not as well-versed as them in the art of anti-dawah:



Written by Ahmad-Qadri

March 31, 2009 at 9:20 am

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  1. SubhaanAllah…every person who ever dealt with a Wahabi will have a dejavu while reading this article. The points are so clearly mentioned I’m sure that the writer lives among Wahabis and yet maintained his Emaan. Masha Allah…

    Majid Syed

    October 16, 2016 at 1:38 pm

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