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WORST THING EVER- no definitions

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This is the ultimate wahabi classic. You simply CAN’T underestimate the fitnah caused by this tactic alone. Hence my reason for placing it above the rest of the topics. 

It is the single greatest contributing factor to their own jahalah AND also one of the worst tools by which they mislead the masses.

Wahabis talk about a lot of things and argue about a lot of things, we all know. However, rarely do they define and clarify things.

We as Sunnis MUST learn to think analytically.

They use words without using their shariah-sanctioned definitions or establishing their definitions and mislead the masses.

They might say things like “Mawled is bidah” and many a time, common people, like sheep, regurgitate this kind of senselessness.

The comment on its own may look innocent and sensible, but as they say, common sense is not so common.

In order to legally establish the status of something, EVERY THING – pertaining to the matter – MUST BE DEFINED.

Read the books of classical scholars. They define every word before they use it and describe what exactly it entails. They defined what is meant by aqidah, 3ebadah, tawbah, etc.

Have a look at your employment contracts and insurance policies and see how many definitions are given. They even define words like “the company” saying things like “from this point forward the words “the company” used in this contract shall refer to XYZ Corp.”

People are NOT rational and rarely do they think rationally and logically. 


Just mastering THIS ONE aspect of critical and analytical thinking alone will help you see half the misguidance of the wahabis exposed for what it really is and will be a MAJOR eyesore for the arrogant wahabi. 

PLEASE, during any encounter with a wahabi, online or offline, ALWAYS ask him for definitions. Just this will destroy half his nonsensical claims, and will undo a lot, if not all, of his efforts used in the other methods described in the other sections henceforth.

Let’s just take the example given:

wahabi: “Mawled is bidah” 

Sunni: sir, define what you understand by mawled.

              define, what you understand by bidah.

THIS is where you will see his mind games exposed immediately.

Ask him if by “mawled” he refers to a dance party or a gathering of good where Quran is recited, the Prophet’s seerah mentioned and the Prophet, sal’Allahu 3alaihi wa’sallam, praised in poetry or without it.

If he says its the latter, then ask him what is wrong with those individual acts that collectively form the mawled. 

He will probably say they are bidah, and here, he is going to say like a parrot, this time without you asking for a definition “bidah is any new innovation in religion that didn’t exist in the times of the Prophet, sahaba, tabieen, etc.” (because he has been TRAINED to give this particular definition to suit his purpose, and its probably the only definition he will ever give along with DISTORTED definitions of maybe “kufr” and “shirk”)

The answer is very simple once you have defined the ground work.

You just ask him, “How are any of those individual acts that you mentioned “new innovations” in religion?” 

Is reciting the Quran an “innovation”?

Is offering voluntary prayers an “innovation”?

Is praising the Prophet and discussing his seerah an “innovation”?

They can’t be called “innovations” if they are proven by the Quran and Sunnah and the first generation of Muslims.

This is where the rest of his methodology of deception will pick up and where he will use the other tactics mentioned in the following pages.

The aim is that ordinary innocent Muslims should be able to field any and every form of trickery and mind game that the wahabi plays with them to misguide them. The scholars of the Sunnis have beautifully and handsomely shredded their “Mawled is bidah” claims to bits. Like I said, I just want to highlight a thought process of critical and analytical thinking here for us Sunnis, rather than refute actual claims of theirs which have already been rubbished by the scholars of the Ahlus Sunnah.

Warning Note:

At times, the wahabi might get really annoyed and say something to patronize you and make you avoid digging his little brain, by questions like, “Do you really want me to give you a definition for shirk?” or “Do you really want me to define 3ebadah to you?”

DON’T fall for it.

The wahabi’s aim is to call you to misguidance with as little resistance from you as possible, and when faced with resistance, his annoyance and arrogance will start to surface, the same way the blessed Prophet, sal’Allahu 3alaihi wa’sallam, narrated about the dajjal’s irritation with the believer when the believer refuses to fall into his trap. This will happen for 2 reasons:

1) He will most probably be a jahil who hasn’t had any formal education in Islam and won’t know the proper definition himself. The scholars of Islam have METICULOUSLY defined any and every term they use in the sciences of aqidah, fiqh, tasawwuf, hadith etc. from the smallest and the most “obvious” terms to the most complex ones. 

2) He will be really annoyed by you probing his mind. His guards are going to go up at at your intelligence and he will be put on the defensive because a) You just might prove him wrong b) Even if you don’t prove him wrong, he will subconsciously know that the chances of you falling for his trickery have been significantly lowered. The wahabi hates intelligent people and runs from them.

Remain VERY calm and tell him, “Yes I need a definition, because that is what will establish the rest of the discussion. To have a discussion/debate, we must both be at the same level platform to start with, otherwise, we’re in two seperate worlds. I need to know what you understand by ‘3ebadah”!  

The word “site” means something totally different to a web designer compared to what it does for a civil engineer.

There are high chances he will give a definition of his own. NEVER FORGET to ask him, who has defined it as such and watch him squirm further more in his dajjalic annoyance. 



Written by Ahmad-Qadri

April 5, 2009 at 9:57 am

3 Responses

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  1. Salam Ahmad,

    I believe what you have compiled here is well thought. Reading it has changed the way I enter into conversations with these annoying people. The way you have broken it down, if followed, will make any true Sunni’s job much easier in refuting them. May Allah reward you brother. Wallah it pleases me to see so many switched on people take time out of their freedom to spend it protecting the pure Tawheed.

    Sam K

    May 19, 2009 at 1:35 pm

  2. Walekum Salam brother:

    Jazak Allah and barak Allahu feekum. Allah is The One who grants tawfiq, brother. Feel free to expand on the topics with examples to illustrate and elaborate their methods of mischief-mongering. I’ve gathered a few examples but haven’t had the time to write on here.

    Insha Allah I will mail you some time soon.


    May 19, 2009 at 2:39 pm

  3. Very nicely written, thanks for sharing the truth.

    Zakaria Kassar

    December 15, 2014 at 2:48 pm

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